You can never predict when tragedy strikes. The last thing you need to be concerned about is what you failed to document and provide. Dealing with end-of-life planning and gathering information your family will need if something happens to you can be a long and arduous path.

Have I provided details to manage my financial affairs? Will my family be able to access my password protected cell phone, computer and online accounts? Do they know my wishes? Where to find important documents? Details on projects I have in progress? The routine of my kids? How to run the business? Who owes me money? Where I keep certain things? Details only I know that they will need if I’m unavailable? No matter if you end up in the hospital, become seriously ill, get deployed, away for an extended period of time, in the final stages of life, or die, planning ahead and providing information your loved ones will need to take care of things is the responsible thing to do.

There is no peace of mind like knowing you took the necessary steps to provide your family with information they will need to make decisions on your behalf, carry out your wishes, manage financial affairs, and take care of everything important to you. The SecureMyLegacy Workbook was created with protecting your legacy in mind. It contains easy-to-complete forms to document and organize essential information your loved ones will need if something happens to you. It is not designed to take the place of your standard estate planning documents such as your last will, trust, healthcare directive, DNR, or power of attorney forms, however, it is designed to capture critical information that often goes unnoticed during end-of-life and estate planning. Estate planning documents are useless if you haven’t documented where they are located or the password to access them for example.

The SecureMyLegacy Workbook has become a necessary component to ensuring your loved ones have all of the information they will need if you die, become seriously ill, incapacitated, hospitalized, get deployed, or go away for an extended period of time. When creating a plan, you want to provide details on your medical history, insurance, financial affairs, possible legal matters, children, others in your care, pets, passwords, location of documents, works in progress, final arrangements, wishes, what to do with your personal property, business interests, real estate, and who to contact for what purpose.

The SecureMyLegacy Workbook allows you to neatly capture all of this information so it will be accessible for your loved ones and close associates when needed. Order your copy today so the next time someone ask, “are you prepared?” you won’t feel uneasy, unprepared, and vulnerable.

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